Oppose Radical Environmentalism

Radical environmentalists want you to believe that oil and gas are "irreparably damaging" Texas while contributing nothing in return. They claim fracking is contaminating water and harming air quality amongst a mountain of misinformation.

But, in reality, Texas oil and gas impacts all of Texas in big ways. 

  • From 2013 - 2016, oil production increased by 19% while methane emissions decreased by 17%.
  • The oil boom has largely contributed to the Permanent University Fund and the Permanent Schools Fund, which provide funding for public schools and universities.
  • After Hurricane Harvey, the Rainy Day Fund used for repairs was immediately replenished by contributions from the oil and gas industry. 
  • The oil and gas industry provides funding for infrastructure, roads and helps our brave first responders. 
  • Over 100,000 jobs in Texas and more than 878,000 manufacturing jobs nationwide are supported by the oil and gas industry.
  • Texas is largely responsible for America's oil boom, which is allowing for less dependence on foreign oil.

Don't give in to lies and hysteria. Texas oil and gas are boosting the economy and power our country! Oppose radical environmentalism!

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