To continue the Texas energy boom, we need to invest in our state’s infrastructure, including our roads. A bill (HJR 82) currently under consideration by the Texas legislature would create a new fund to invest in road upgrades and safety — with revenues already paid by the oil and gas industry. 




As Texans we have a lot to be proud of when it comes to our energy resources. Oil and natural gas play a vital role in the every day lives of all 28 million Texans. The Texas Legislature's 86th Session is now underway and it's important to keep up with legislation that may impact production.






During TXOGA's Texas Energy Day, we had to opportunity to talk with many lawmakers and other important people in the industry.



Todd Staples, President of the Texas Oil & Gas Association

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Thure Cannon, Texas Pipeline Association

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The Honorable Jason Isaac and Kathleen White, Texas Public Policy Foundation

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Railroad Commissioners Ryan Sitton, Wayne Christian, and Christi Craddick

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Commissioner Emily Lindley, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

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