25 Things you didn't know were made with Natural Gas

Fri, May 01, 2015


1. A Doctor’s vitamin capsule and pharmaceuticals



2. A businessman’s cellphone


3.  Military parachutes


4. Safety glasses for assembly line workers


5. The tires for police cars



6.  Toothpaste and toothbrushes for your child’s teeth



7.  A fisherman’s fishing rod and life vest




8.  Guitar strings



9. The family refrigerator



10. Artificial limbs for amputees


11. Dallas Cowboys' football cleats and helmets  



12.  An artist’s paintbrush


13. Farmer’s insecticide & fertilizer


14. A retired person’s dentures



15. Truckdriver’s tires



16. Baby camera monitors



17. A child’s bandage


18. The tent and insect repellent for a family’s camping trip



19. A kindergarten class’s crayons



20. A golfer’s golf ball


21. A plumber’s water pipes



22. Allergy medication



23. Mom’s perfume and lipstick



24. Craftsman’s tool rack



25. Cortisone for autoimmune disorders