Christmas - Brought To You By Oil & Natural Gas

Thu, December 21, 2017


Every year, millions of Americans string lights around their homes for the holiday season.

The average American household runs their Christmas lights for 4 hours a day. Cheaper natural gas help cut electricity costs so you can light your house for longer and pay less.


This year, around 30 million Americans will purchase a live Christmas tree.

It would be very time consuming to chop them all down without a chainsaw! It would also be nearly impossible to grow them without fertilizer (which is made from natural gas).


And for the people who prefer a fake tree...

The plastic that is used to make the fake trees look so real is made using petrochemicals!


Christmas cards are a very important tradition to many American families.

From the inks used in printing to the fuel in the mail truck, oil and natural gas are utilized every step of the way.


Sometimes you just can't make it out to the store, so you order your gifts online!

Last year, many major retailers reported shipping around 1 BILLION gifts. This would be logistically impossible without oil to fuel the cargo planes and the delivery trucks.


Americans eat a LOT of turkeys on Christmas.

Americans will eat around 22 million turkeys on Christmas. It costs about $1.37 less to cook a turkey in a gas oven than with an electric oven - many even say gas cooked turkeys taste better!


Christmas may not be the busiest travel day of the year, but millions of Americans will travel to see their friends and family.

Traveling for the holidays? You can thank oil for lower fuel costs. This helps Americans save on airline travel and at the gas pump!