How Expanding the Port of Corpus Christi Will Benefit San Antonio

The Port of Corpus Christi is moving forward with a plan to deepen its shipping channel, which will allow the port to accommodate additional exports of Texas energy. But the benefits aren’t limited to Corpus Christi.

Here’s why expanding the port matters to Texans living 140 miles away in San Antonio...

More South Texas Oil and Gas Production

The Eagle Ford Shale supports more than 23,000 jobs in Bexar County, but lower oil prices have hurt production. Expanding the Port of Corpus Christi will increase our export capacity, which means more Eagle Ford production, more San Antonio jobs and more tax revenue for South Texas schools.


New Markets for Eagle Ford Natural Gas

Natural gas produced in the Eagle Ford keeps San Antonio power prices low, and it could ultimately provide a clean and low-cost power source for people all around the world. Corpus Christi is already exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG), but the port will be able to handle additional exports after expansion, which means more production and investment in South Texas.


Reducing the Trade Deficit

We now produce so much oil and gas that we can meet American demand and ship our surplus to our trading partners around the world. Expanding the Port of Corpus Christi will increase net exports by approximately $30 billion, which means a better balance of trade for Texas and the entire country.


Support the Port of Corpus Christi

Once this project is complete, more oil and gas will be able to be shipped abroad from the Eagle Ford Shale, helping to boost local economies and the Texas economy as a whole. Sign the petition if you support expanding the Port of Corpus Christi.