How Fracking Helps Our Environment

Mon, April 22, 2019

Lower CO2 Emissions

When used for electricity, natural gas emits up to 60 percent less carbon dioxide than other major power sources. In fact, CO2 emissions from power plants are at a 25-year-low. The increased use of natural gas for electricity generation has helped the United States lower CO2 emissions much faster than our European allies.


Natural Gas Saves Water

Natural gas, when used for electricity, consumes 60-70 percent less water than other major power options. Water used for energy development in Texas amounts to a little more than one percent of all water used in the state, with water used specifically for fracking adding up to only about 0.5 percent.


Improved Air Quality

Natural gas-fired power plants emit very few local pollutants, and areas that have switched to natural gas have seen major air quality benefits. Natural gas is clean burning and has helped lower pollution levels and improve the health of communities across the United States.


Helps America Lead The Way

The United States has led the world in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thanks in large part to natural gas and fracking. Studies show that the U.S. shale revolution is providing opportunities for America to not only decrease its emissions but to also play a huge role in transitioning the world to low-cost, clean-burning natural gas for electric power generation.