Petition Launched to Defend West Texas Energy Jobs against Anti-Pipeline Activism

Thu, January 19, 2017

Today, North Texans for Natural Gas launched an online petition in support of the Trans-Pecos Pipeline and continued energy development in West Texas. The petition comes in the wake of news that activists are bringing in protesters from out of state to help them oppose energy development in Texas.

“Texans don’t want professional protesters coming in from out of state to try to shut down our energy economy,” said Steve Everley, spokesman for North Texans for Natural Gas. “Like other pipeline fights, what’s happening in West Texas isn’t actually about a pipeline. It’s about pushing the anti-fossil fuel ‘Keep It In the Ground’ campaign, which we all know is too extreme for Texas and not in the best interest of America’s economic and national security. With this petition, North Texans for Natural Gas is providing a forum for people to reject this anti-energy crusade and stand up for Texas residents and workers.”

Environmental activists in West Texas recently bragged to the Houston Chronicle that they were bringing in non-Texans to help them protest. “We have people coming in from North Dakota already,” said Frankie Orona, who is opposing the pipeline. 

The Trans-Pecos Pipeline is expected to generate more than $7 million in local tax revenues each year. Oil and natural gas development across West Texas supports more than 444,000 jobs, and is the lifeblood of the local economy.

“Anti-pipeline groups think they have momentum after Keystone XL and Dakota Access,” added Everley. “But this is Texas. This is where we fight back.”

The online petition can be found here.