Pipeline Executive Order Supports Critical Component of Texas Economy

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Steve Everley | Texans for Natural Gas

Following President Trump’s announcement of an executive order that would improve the development of energy infrastructure, Texans for Natural Gas spokesman Steve Everley issued the following statement:


“By facilitating the development of vital energy infrastructure, President Trump’s executive order will help to strengthen the Texas economy and further improve Texas consumers’ access to the energy resources they depend on. Importantly, this order will ensure Texas pipelines continue to provide thousands of jobs, improve energy reliability and generate millions of dollars in state and local revenue that goes to help fund Texas schools, hospitals and public safety services.


For too long, activists have held consumers hostage to their radical agenda by blocking critical pipeline infrastructure, raising energy costs and preventing employment growth in the process. The President’s order is an attempt to tilt the scales back in favor of working families.”








Pipelines are the safest, most environmentally responsible method of transporting oil and natural gas, yet activists have attempted to block them at every turn. This order will improve predictability in permitting, allowing for the safe transportation of natural resources to continue.