Thanksgiving - Brought to You By Oil & Natural Gas

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How big of a role does the oil and natural gas industry have in American Thanksgiving traditions? Read to find out.


The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest airline travel days of the year.


Last year, there were nearly 25 million seats booked on flights for the Thanksgiving holidays. Luckily, low energy prices keep the cost of flying down, allowing you to spend more time with your family! 


Around 41 million Americans will drive an average of 550 miles this year on Thanksgiving.

The abundance of oil produced in the U.S. helps families save at the pump on Thanksgiving!


Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade is a tradition in many households.

Without natural gas, we wouldn't have the polyurethane that makes our favorite Thanksgiving Parade floats. We also wouldn't have helium to keep them afloat.


Cranberries are a Thanksgiving favorite!

Did you know that the U.S. produces over 750 million pounds of cranberries per year? The oil and natural gas industry helps get these cranberries from farms to your table on Thanksgiving. Fertilizer, irrigation, harvesting, and shipping are just a few of the ways that the energy industry helps the cranberry industry.


A lot of Turkeys are cooked on Thanksgiving Day...

According to Consumers Energy, it costs about 43 cents to cook an entire turkey in a natural gas-powered oven. If you are using an electric oven, it will cost about $1.70 to cook that same turkey.


You have to keep your turkey somewhere.

Before you cook your Turkey, it was most likely kept fresh in a freezer or refrigerator. You can thank oil and natural gas for keeping your appliances running!


Who doesn't love Thanksgiving football?

Oil and natural gas help produce everything from the equipment to the uniforms and even the TV you watch your favorite team on.


Catch some zzz's after the festivities!

After a long day of celebrating with family, you will need a good night's sleep. This year, be sure to thank oil and natural gas for keeping your home warm and comfortable for the post-Thanksgiving nap!