The East and West Coast Converge on Denton

Mon, December 22, 2014

Earthworks is based in Washington D.C., Earthjustice in San Francisco and the Natural Resources Defense Council in New York City. The deep involvement of out-of-town anti-fracking groups in Denton – once mocked by local supporters of the ban as “industry misinformation” – is now as clear as natural gas.

Motions of non-resident attorney were also filed in the District Court of Denton County for two New York City-based attorneys to provide legal support. 

While temporarily traveling between the east and west coast to Texas can be expensive and tiring, representatives from these organizations can rest assured that the benefits of fracking will help ease some of their pain.  They’ll enjoy more affordable airfare and rental car expenses thanks to lower fuel costs. They’ll likely stay in hotels powered by natural gas. And for all the inevitable paperwork and court filings, they’ll use printers and copiers made with plastic from natural gas.

Documents related to these filings can be found at