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Friday, July 17, 2020

Energy Briefing


Natural Gas Employs 3.4 Million Americans, New Report Finds

A report from the American Gas Association released last week highlighted the positive economic impacts that natural gas consumption has on both Texas and America.


Energy secretary: Oil and gas will ‘come back very, very strong’

Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette has a message for thousands of U.S. oil and gas workers laid off during the recent oil bust: “Remain strong.”


U.S. Midwest products prices due to rise from Dakota Access pipeline shutdown

Prices for gasoline and diesel in the U.S. Midwest could rise in the coming months, market participants said, because of a U.S. court ruling on Monday that ordered the largest pipeline from the North Dakota shale oil fields to be shut within a month.


Defend American Pipelines



Radical environmentalists are actively looking for additional pipelines to delay, obstruct, or block. Worse still, they are celebrating the loss of jobs from each one of these blocked projects.

Click here and help us defend American pipelines: https://www.texansfornaturalgas.com/defend_american_pipelines


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