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Friday, April 24, 2020

April 24, 2020

Energy Briefing


Big Oil to the Coronavirus Rescue

Oil and natural gas not only generate the essential energy we rely on daily but are also the feedstock for an inestimable number of essential products used to fight off the coronavirus.


Houston’s Climate Action Plan Must Embrace Clean Natural Gas

This week, the City of Houston released its Climate Action Plan, which provides evidenced-based measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One key way to lower emissions in Houston and across the globe? Embrace clean burning natural gas.


Texas’ Oil and Gas Industry Steps Up Amid COVID-19

As COVID-19 is affecting nearly every aspect of our lives, Texas’s oil and natural gas industry has joined the fight to stop the spread of the disease.



Support Products Made From Oil & Gas



Oil and natural gas are responsible for many products you use every day, such as plastics, sporting goods, tires, cosmetics and electronics.

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