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Friday, August 30, 2019

August 30, 2019

Energy Briefing


Texas Natural Gas Is Delivering Climate Progress

Everyone knows Texas is a prolific natural gas producer, and in recent years it has also become a major exporter of liquefied natural gas, or LNG, to our trading partners all over the world. Indeed, the U.S. shale revolution, which began in Texas, has transformed the entire nation into an energy powerhouse.



EPIC Pipeline Makes First Delivery of Crude to Corpus Christi, Ingleside

EPIC is in the final stages of building a crude export dock in Corpus Christi that will be capable of loading Suezmax tankers that carry up to 1 million barrels. Company officials expect that dock to be ready for service by the end of the year.



What Fuels Texas: Agriculture

America's agricultural industry relies heavily on natural gas. Natural gas is necessary to create the fertilizers that farmers depend on daily to grow crops. Framing tools such as plows, tractors, and watering systems are all powered by oil and natural gas.









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