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Friday, November 1, 2019

November 1, 2019

Energy Briefing


San Antonio Approves Climate Plan to Phase Out Fossil Fuels as City Generates Record Revenue from Natural Gas and Coal Plants

Last month, San Antonio's City Council adopted a new Climate Plan which would lead to a dramatic reduction in the use of coal and natural gas. This move could endanger city taxpayers who benefit from affordable energy and revenues from the city’s power provider.  



Texas Benefits From Investing in Safe Pipelines

Investment in our nation’s energy infrastructure network has a wide range of benefits beyond affordable and efficient delivery of energy products to consumers. Read the op-ed from former State Rep. Jim Keffer.



Natural gas-fired electricity generation saves far more water than what’s used
during production, including water used for fracking








Support American Energy Security


The United States is experiencing an energy revolution, which has strengthened our energy security. Support American energy security here: https://actnow.io/of5SoeG




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