Help Defend West Texas Jobs

Out of state environmental activists are coming into West Texas to try to ban drilling and block construction of an important pipeline. These are the same professional protesters who convinced the Obama administration to block the Dakota Access pipeline, and they desperately want to expand their extreme anti-fossil fuel agenda into Texas.

As a Texan, I am signing this petition to show my support for the Trans-Pecos Pipeline, which will generate more than $7 million in local tax revenues each year. I also support oil and natural gas development throughout West Texas and the more than 444,000 jobs it sustains.

I reject the extreme environmentalists who want to come into my state and destroy Texas jobs, deny our counties a critical source of new tax revenue, and make America less energy secure.

The small protests in West Texas are part of a national “Keep It In the Ground” campaign to eliminate the use of all fossil fuels. That campaign is too extreme for Texas.