Mon, May 01, 2017

The seven projects in Texas are: the Texas LNG project, Golden Pass LNG, Rio Grande LNG, Freeport LNG, Port Arthur LNG, Annova LNG, and the Corpus Christi LNG project.

Texans for Natural Gas also announced it has launched a petition in support of LNG exports from the Port of Brownsville, where three projects have been proposed. The petition highlights how environmental activists from California are targeting the Texas LNG project, and have brought their campaign into the Lone Star State.

Key facts from the report include:

  • The LN G export facilities proposed or under construction in Texas could create more than 136,000 jobs nationwide and have an economic impact of more than $145 billion.
  • The seven LNG export facilities will create or support 70,000 jobs in Texas specifically.
  • LNG exports from the Gulf Coast of Texas will generate more than $20 billion in state tax revenue.
  • Golden Pass LNG, which the U.S. Department of Energy approved for export to non-free trade agreement countries in April 2017, is projected to generate about $175.7 million in annual tax revenue for Texas.
  • Rio Grande LNG – slated to be the nation’s largest LNG export facility – anticipates hiring 80 percent of its permanent workforce locally.
  • Port Arthur LNG is expected to contribute over $31.81 billion in economic benefits to the Texas economy from 2018 to 2040.
  • Average salaries for permanent jobs at Annova LNG are expected to be$70,000 per year, with total compensation of about $110,000 – well above Cameron County’s per capita income of $25,200.
  • Cheniere’s Corpus Christi Liquefaction project could generate as much as $1.17 billion in state tax revenue.

“Texas energy production has helped make the United States the world’s largest natural gas producer, providing affordable energy here at home and creating opportunities to supply energy to our allies,” said Steve Everley, spokesman for Texans for Natural Gas. “From job creation and increased tax revenue to strengthened national security, the benefits of these LNG facilities will be significant and far-reaching – once again proving the profound impact Texas natural gas has in our local communities and around the world.”

The full report can be downloaded here. 

The petition can be found here.