5 Ways Oil Exports Help The Coastal Bend

Mon, December 03, 2018

1. Jobs

Jobs, jobs and more jobs! To handle the increase in exports, there are new processing facilities and terminals being built. This is creating good paying jobs.

2. Growth

As oil flows to Corpus Christi, so are new companies and investments looking to benefit from and add to the economic boom. This infusion of human and financial capital into the Coastal Bend makes the economy stronger and more viable for everyone. 

3. Roads & Infrastructure

The increased investment and development in Corpus Christi is building a stronger foundation for the city - literally. As private investment is coming in, tax revenues grow and create more opportunities for improving infrastructure. This is extremely vital in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

4. Schools

High wage jobs and growth in tax revenue mean more money for schools and education. This improvement in education adds to the quality of life, attracting more people and businesses to move to Corpus Christi and the rest of the Coastal Bend.

5. Tourism

As the quality of life and size of Corpus Christi increase, so will its stature as a tourist destination. The cumulative effect of oil exports means that Corpus is set to grow and thrive at new levels, and people all over the country and the world will want to be a part of it.