Week In Review: June 7, 2019

Fri, June 07, 2019

June 7, 2019

Energy Briefing 


Report: Permian Pushes U.S Oil Output Higher Than DOE Estimates

West Texas' booming Permian Basin is churning out more oil than believed and pushing U.S. crude output even higher than the federal government estimates, according to a new report Thursday.



Gulf Coast Oil Imports Fall to Lowest Level Since 1986

Oil imports to the U.S. Gulf Coast have reached the lowest level in more than three decades, as production out of shale fields like the Permian Basin continues to rise.



Free Markets, Infrastructure Give Texas Cleaner Power Grid

For many years, policymakers in Washington have struggled to manufacture a workable policy that addresses the serious challenges we face from our changing climate without raising Americans’ energy bills. They could learn a few things from Texas.



Upgrade and Expand the Pipelines So Texas Can Reap the Energy Rewards

From wind and solar to oil and natural gas, the American energy sector is booming. The Permian Basin — with record crude-setting production and massive recoverable resources — is at the forefront of this domestic energy golden age.








Take Action


U.S. oil and natural gas exports are reaching record levels. The exports create more jobs and economic opportunity for Texas - where 70% of our exports come from -  and for America.

Support American oil exports here for a better economy and for better energy security: https://p2a.co/OC96oT3




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