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Friday, June 19, 2020

Energy Briefing


Drilling Down: Permian Basin revival looming on the horizon

A drilling revival may soon be underway in the Permian Basin of West Texas where a flurry of permits for new horizontal wells have been filed.


Three Reasons Pipelines Are Incredibly Safe

Home to over 466,000 miles of pipeline, Texas relies on this vast network of infrastructure to safely and efficiently transport oil and natural gas to consumers across the state. Considering the important role that pipelines play in Texas, we’ve outlined three key reasons why they are the safest way to transport oil and natural gas.


Oil and gas industry show signs of recovery as Texas reopens

With the State of Texas opening up, the economy is beginning its slow recovery. With that means more vehicles on the road and oil prices beginning their slow climb back up the energy ladder.


Support Products Made From Oil & Gas



Oil and natural gas are responsible for many products you use every day, more than you might think. Plastics, sporting goods, tires, cosmetics, and electronics all contain petroleum byproducts.

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