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Friday, January 17, 2020

January 17, 2020

Energy Briefing

Canadian pipeline company TC Energy Corp said on Tuesday it planned to start pre-construction work in February for its Keystone XL oil pipeline, the start of what it expects to be a busy work schedule for the long-delayed project.


Crude Exports Boom on U.S. Gulf Coast, Allaying Bottleneck Fears

 U.S. crude exports from Corpus Christi, Texas, have surged to a record in recent weeks, often surpassing hubs such as Houston and Beaumont, Texas, thanks to faster-than-expected infrastructure additions.


The Greatest Story Never Told: Technology, Innovation and Oil & Gas

Technological advances in the oilfield are helping the United States reach new heights in oil and gas production, improving American energy security and driving growth in energy exports.


Thank a Roughneck

Roughnecks are the unsung heroes of our state. From helping our state and communities prosper, to increasing American energy security and keeping the lights on at home, Texas roughnecks are powering the oil and natural gas revolution.

Sign your name to show that your support and gratitude for Texas roughnecks: https://www.texansfornaturalgas.com/support_permian_oil_and_gas


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