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Friday, May 1, 2020

May 1, 2020

Energy Briefing


Natural Gas Delivers Climate Benefits

The critical role that natural gas plays not only in our everyday lives but in addressing climate change domestically and across the world simply cannot be overlooked — and Texas is playing a central role.


Big Oil to the Coronavirus Rescue

Oil and natural gas not only generate the essential energy we rely on daily but are also the feedstock for an inestimable number of essential products used to fight off the coronavirus.


Houston’s Climate Action Plan Must Embrace Clean Natural Gas

Last week, the City of Houston released its Climate Action Plan, which provides evidenced-based measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One key way to lower emissions in Houston and across the globe? Embrace clean burning natural gas.




Tour The Oilfields Of Texas



As we all continue to practice social distancing, we want to bring the oil fields of Texas to your living room! Challenge your friends and family to see who can make it around the state first while you stay at home.

Click here to play now: https://www.texansfornaturalgas.com/tour_the_oil_fields_of_texas


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