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Fracking Funds Texas Schools

In Texas, oil and natural gas production is not only fueling jobs and the economy, but is also a significant contributor to the state’s education system. Simply put, energy production has helped make Texas public schools and universities some of the best funded in the nation.

Published : February 2018

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Industry Partnerships and The Future Workforce (Pg. 10)

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Key Findings

Most if not all Texans know that oil and natural gas development is a key driver of the Lone Star State's economy. Oil and natural has support 41 percent of the economy in Texas, including more than two million jobs. The recent boom in Texas Oil and natural has production, enable by technologies like hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") and horizontal drilling, has benefitted numerous sectors of the economy, from manufacturing on the Gulf Coast to farmers in West Texas. What is far less appreciated, however, is the impact that energy development has on education in Texas.

In this report, we examine the multiple ways in which oil and natural gas development benefits K-12 public schools and universities across the state. In total, the oil and natural gas industry contributes over $4 billions per year to the Texas Education System.

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