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Liquefied Natural Gas Facilities in Texas

Natural gas is rapidly becoming the dominant fuel source globally. Spurred by massive production growth thanks to innovations such as hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and horizontal drilling, the United States recently overtook Russia as the world’s largest natural gas producer.

Published : February 2018

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Liquefied Natural Gas

Table of Contents

Quick Facts (Pg. 1)

Executive Summary (Pg. 2)

Texas LNG Overview (Pg. 7)

Freeport LNG Overview (Pg. 9)

Golden Pass LNG Overview (Pg. 11)

Corpus Christi LNG Overview (Pg. 13)

Rio Grande LNG Overview (Pg. 14)

Annova LNG Overview (Pg. 16)

Port Arthur LNG Overview (Pg. 19)


Key Findings

Liquefied Natural Gas represents 136,000+ total U.S. jobs and 70,000+ here in Texas with an economic impact of $145+ billion.

There are 7 more facilities proposed or currently under construction in Texas.

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