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The Greatest Story Never Told: Technology, Innovation, and American Oil & Gas

Technological advances in the oilfield are helping the United States reach new heights in oil and gas production, improving American energy security and driving growth in energy exports.

Published : December 2019

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Permian Basin
Hydraulic Fracturing
Water Management
Methane Emissions
Horizontal Drilling

Table of Contents

Key Findings (Pg.2)

Introduction (Pg. 3)

Part 1: History of a Technology Driven Energy Revolution (Pg. 3)

Part 2: Advanced Technology to Reduce Environmental Impacts (Pg. 7)

Part 3: Silicon Valley Meets Permian Basin (Pg. 10)

Conclusion (Pg. 13)

10 Most Innovative Oilfield Technologies (Pg. 14)


Key Findings

Over the past century, a stunning series of technological advances have transformed the oil and gas industry. While numerous innovations have influenced American production, a handful of key technologies have had an outsized impact, culminating in the United States becoming the world’s largest oil and gas producer. 

  • The history of hydraulic fracturing innovation stretches back over 80 years.
  • Technologies like downhole cameras, advanced drill bits, and new software made the evolution of horizontal drilling possible.
  • Innovators have developed impressive means to recycle produced water from oil and gas operations.
  • The oil and gas industry is a pioneer in use of supercomputers.
  • Science, not science fiction: cutting edge technology is ubiquitous in the oilfield, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and robots.

Download the Top 10 Innovations one-pager. 

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