Week In Review: November 16, 2018

Sat, November 17, 2018

November 16, 2018

Energy Briefing 

U.S. Expected to Produce Half of Global Oil and Gas Growth by 2025

Relentless American shale development is set to allow the U.S. to leapfrog the world’s other major oil and gas producers, with the potential for the country to account for roughly half of global crude and natural growth by 2025, the International Energy Agency said Tuesday.



7 Reasons Why Natural Gas Is One of Our Most Important Resources

The United States is producing record amounts of natural gas, and we’re quickly becoming one of the world’s largest exporters. But what makes it so important? Here are 7 reasons why natural gas is an essential part of our daily lives.



Eureka! How the Permian Basin Has Energized Dallas-Fort Worth’s Energy Industry

The Austin Chalk. The Barnett Shale. The Eagle Ford. These mighty Texas formations are forever cemented into local lore for the fortunes they’ve created. They’re geological playgrounds, where high-stakes games of hide-and-seek regularly occur between eager risk-takers and a precious commodity silently waiting to seep up from below.

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This Week's Topic: Rumor vs. Fact

Extreme environmentalists and activist groups consistently spread misinformation about oil and natural gas. Texans for Natural Gas brings you the truth about the oil industry and how it's creating jobs, improving our economy and making America more energy secure.

Take Action

Support Oil & Gas Production in the Permian Basin!

The Permian is the most oil-producing region in the United States and the second most oil-producing in the world. "Keep It In the Ground" strongly protest production in the region, but Permian oil and gas are essential to growing the Texas economy and making America more energy secure! Sign your name here today: https://www.texansfornaturalgas.com/support_permian_oil_and_gas

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