Week In Review: September 14, 2018

Fri, September 14, 2018


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September 14, 2018

Energy Briefing 

Expected Oil Boom Could Be Big for Small Communities

A boom can be felt throughout the "whole town" of Sabine Pass and the surrounding Port Arthur area, Angulo said, as more rigs mean more jobs. Angulo said the Atlantic 7 Rig would have a full-time crew of 66.

Kristi Heid, superintendent of Sabine Pass ISD, said the industry's improving fortunes help the school district and the overall "family-oriented, tight-knit" community. She noted that one natural gas liquefaction plant is already built and another is pending federal approval.

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America is Now the World's Largest Oil Producer

Move over Russia and Saudi Arabia. America has reclaimed its throne atop the oil world.

Texas is the epicenter of the shale boom. Production in the Permian Basin of West Texas has grown so much that in February the United States vaulted above Saudi Arabia for the first time in more than two decades, according to the US Energy Information Administration.


This Week's Topic: Oil & Gas Exports

LNG exports generate big revenue for state and local governments!

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Oil exports benefit the U.S. economy!

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